Jessica Moulds 

New Zealand Registered Dietitian

> Weight/fat loss & weight gain

> Managing emotional eating

> Gut Health issues/IBS

> Managing diabetes and cholesterol

> Sports nutrition

> Women's Health

My approach: practical advice and education for a healthier life. I have a huge passion for nutrition and it is my goal through my work as a dietitian to educate my clients on how they can improve their health and well being through good nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

I’m committed to providing clients with strategies that last for life. To do this, I consider my client’s lifestyle, budget and health issues, so that I can provide them with a realistic solution that is easily achievable – and, most importantly, one they can stick to.

As a professional netball player, I know the challenges of juggling a busy lifestyle and the demands of high performance. I have first-hand knowledge of nutrition for sports performance, boosting energy and eating for recovery, and can help you achieve great results for your training too.

Health and well being is my life! I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and motivating you to make better nutrition choices so you can achieve optimum health!

Ready to get cracking? Book in your one-on-one consultation today!  I run the Mission Nutrition clinic from Active Health (545 Manchester Street, St Albans) on Tuesday's and I am available for Skype or phone consultations on Thursdays. 

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A thought from Jessica

"Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Not only will it help with weight control, it will allow you to concentrate better, fight off nasty bugs and help give you the energy you need to get the most out of the day. Aim for 7 or more hours of sleep every night. Make it happen, you won't regret it :)"