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Gentlemen - Welcome to Mission Nutrition!

We are here to help you work out exactly what and how much you need to be eating/ drinking to help you look and feel fantastic and full of energy!

Our Approach:

No fad diets, starvation or banning of beer here, we can help you make realistic, long term changes to your health and wellbeing. We will teach you how to make the best choices when you are busy, on the run, eating out or being the master of the kitchen. We are here to make things easy for you and get the results you want.

With the help of a nutritional plan you can:

  • Get to and maintain a healthy weight – look good in your shirts, shorts and togs!
  • Feel full of energy – no more falling asleep at 3pm!
  • Get the best results from your training – from recreational gym goers to hard core athletes
  • Correct any nutritional deficiencies – ideally with food first. Did you know 40% of men in NZ don’t get enough zinc and most men don’t get enough iodine or selenium?
  • Optimise your fertility – yes guys, you supply 50% of the goods and these days, it is super important for men as well as women to think about what they are eating at this time.

What now?





"I really enjoy my sessions with the team at Mission Nutrition, think you guys do a great job. Really realistic and got me the results I wanted – can’t ask for better than that!" - Steve

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