Sports Nutrition

Want to perform at your best, recover quickly and feel on top of your game? Whatever your level, from amateur to elite, Mission Nutrition’s team of qualified dietitians and nutritionists can provide sports targeted nutrition advice and create a tailored nutrition plan for you, so you can get the most out of your training and get the results you really want.

Our Approach:

We provide a full assessment of your diet, training and goals and will create a personal nutrition plan which includes portion sizes, timing for meals and a break-down of your carbohydrate and protein needs. We can also offer you specific advice regarding:

• Nutrition before, during and after training
• Reducing body fat
• Muscle gain and bulking up
• Nutrition for optimal recovery
• Hydration
• Supplements
• Planning for events/races/competitions

With some help from Mission Nutrition you will feel fit, increase your energy and achieve optimum results with your training.

What now?





"Nationals were a huge success. I raced four days straight so nutrition became a huge factor in my overall success. I am pleased to tell you that on the last day of racing I was able to gain not only a NZ TITLE but also a new NZ RECORD in the junior under 19 men’s team sprint. This was awesome for me because my main focus was to Personal Best in every event which I also did I would like to thank you heaps for all the advice you have given me because I know without it I would have shrivelled up on day two of my racing and have no energy left in the tank. The plan you set out for me worked perfectly, the little snack foods and constant drinking meant that even though I was nervous I still felt 100% energized and hydrated. I don’t think it could have gone any better. Once again, thanks heaps. James Vercoe"

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