Registered dietitian

Sarah’s passion is helping people to become the healthiest version of themselves through improving their nutrition and lifestyle. Sarah sees clients with coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and emotional eating.  She can help you improve their relationship with food and can also give advice about children's health and nutrition.




I see clients with coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, emotional eating and those wanting to improve their relationship with food, Type 2 Diabetes, high cholestrol and can help when it comes to children's health and nutrition.

Managing health issues such as IBS, coeliac and gut issues can be challenging for many clients.  I enjoy showing people how changes to their diet can have a huge impact on their overall health and well-being and that these health problems don’t need to be a constant cause of discomfort or anxiety. I recognise that everyone has individual needs and will therefore work with you to set achievable and realistic nutrition goals, and establish practical strategies to help you reach them.

My clinic is based in Hobsonville, Auckland, with consultations available on Tuesday & Wednesdays.

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BSc Nutrition and Dietetics (Hons), Australia. NZ Registered Dietitian

As a busy mother with 3 young children, I understand how easy it can be to put other's needs before your own, but I firmly believe that by putting your health as one of your top priorities you are doing a great thing for both you and your loved ones.

My passion is helping people with coeliac disease and other gut issues such as irritable bowel syndrome. I have two children with coeliac disease so I have first hand experience in dealing with the physical and emotional challenges that coeliac disease brings.


"I suspected I had developed IBS. Sarah listened to my symptoms and provided me with the advice and support I needed to manage this condition. With Sarah's guidance I was able understand how my diet was affecting me and make changes to alleviate the unpleasant effects of IBS. I was impressed with Sarah's approach, as it allowed me to take care of myself with minimal reliance on her. Sarah has a lovely empathetic nature and I enjoyed working with her. I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know who requires nutritional advice."  Beth

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