Inspirational Nutrition & Wellness Workshops

Mission Nutrition offers a range of inspiring workshops with practical hints, tips and ideas to help you eat better and feel fabulous. Our team can come to your workplace to run these workshops if you like and we also run them at Mission Nutrition Headquarters in Ponsonby.

Below is the next workshop which we have coming up – we would love you to join us. These workshops get booked up fast, so if you are keen, book now!

Ponsonby Sessions

THURSDAY -  20th November at 6 - 7.30pm SOLD OUT

Topic: Banish emotional eating forever

Create a healthy relationship with your body and food

This is a workshop like no other! If you feel like you ‘know what you need to do’ when it comes to being slim, fit and healthy but just can’t make it happen or if you know you eat when you are bored, angry, tired or emotional then this workshop is for you!

We will be looking at:

>        Understand your eating habits and behaviours
>        How to overcome eating when you are bored/angry/tired/emotional
>        Stopping self sabotage
>        Learning how to listen to your body when it comes to eating
>        Creating a healthy environment
>        Why you never need to go on a ‘diet’ again!
>        Mindful eating

Our amazing and wonderful Dietitian Jessica Moulds who is absolutely passionate about helping people to create a healthy relationship with food and their bodies will be running this session.

Jess will share her knowledge and expertise with you in this fantastic workshop and make sure you leave knowing what you need to do to look and feel your best and overcome emotional eating for good!!

This session is ALWAYS a sell-out and seats are limited, so don’t delay BOOK NOW to reserve your seat.

Our workshops include a whole heap of awesomeness:

  • An inspirational session which is packed with practical ideas
  • A goody bag for everyone who comes worth $30 which includes:
    • A Healthy Food Guide recipe booklet
    • A Mission Nutrition Bag
    • A Mission Nutrition water bottle
    • A copy of Healthy Food Guide magazine
    • Healthy food samples
    • 10% off the price of a one on one consultation at Mission Nutrition

These workshops are all held at Mission Nutrition's office at 88 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland. See a map here.










































































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